The 2011 Take Action Tour Announced!

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Celebrating its tenth anniversary of raising funds and awareness to assorted non-profit organizations, Sub City (Hopeless Records’ non-profit organization which has raised more than two million dollars for charity), is pleased to announce the 2011 edition of TAKE ACTION TOUR. This year’s much-lauded beneficiary is SEX, ETC., the Teen-to-Teen Sexuality Education Project of Answer, a national organization dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive sexuality education to young people and the adults who teach them. “Sex is a hot topic amongst Take Action bands and fans but rarely communicated in a honest and accurate way,” says Louis Posen, Hopeless Records president. “Either don’t do it or do it right!”

Presented by Hot Topic, the tour will feature celebrated indie rock co-headliners SILVERSTEIN and BAYSIDE, along with POLAR BEAR CLUB, THE SWELLERS and TEXAS IN JULY. Kicking off at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on April 22nd, the annual nationwide charity tour will circle the US, presenting the best bands in music today while raising funds and awareness for Sex, Etc. and the concept that we can all play a part in making a positive impact in the world. Ten percent of the cost of each ticket sold is donated to Sex, Etc. and Sub City 501c3 non-profits. Pre-sale tickets go on sale today at:

“Growing up, every local show we played was a charity show,” says Silverstein vocalist Shane Told. “It was an important part of the scene that we were doing what we loved and more importantly helping others. To step back into that and work with our label to give back, it feels really great. We were a part of Take Action Tour in 2006, and when we had the opportunity to co-headline the tour this year, we jumped at the chance. We couldn’t be more proud to be leading the charge this year with our best friends, Bayside.”

Echoes Bayside bassist Nicholas Ghanbarian, “We’re really excited to be part of Take Action Tour because we’ve never been on a tour where part of the proceeds is going to charity which is great. We’re also super excited to be heading out on the road with some friends that we haven’t played with in years!”

“We were honored to have been contacted by Take Action Tour’s record label, Hopeless Records, which was looking for a nonprofit organization to be a part of the 2011 tour,” explains Answer’s Executive Director Elizabeth Schroeder, Ed. D, M.S.W. “It’s amazing that both the company and the artists they represent have been willing over the years to help educate young people about what organizations around the country are doing to serve others. We’re very grateful that Answer has been chosen to be a part of this year’s tour.”

As the teen-focused program of Answer, the award-winning national organization based at NJ’s Rutgers University, Sex, Etc.’s mission is to improve teen sexual health information and resources across the country. “Our organization’s tag line, ‘Sex Ed, Honestly,’ reflects our core belief that young people have the right to receive honest, accurate and age-appropriate information about the entire range of topics related to sexuality,” she continues. “For 30 years, we have reached millions of young people, community and school professionals, and parents throughout the United States.”

With an active online community ( and a national magazine of the same name, Sex, Etc. serves as a resource and destination for teens seeking advice and healthy communication on questions about sex, relationships, pregnancy, STDs, contraception, sexual orientation, and more.

Presenting sponsor Hot Topic has worked with Take Action Tour since the tour’s inception in 1999 and their commitment to helping make a positive impact continues to be as strong in 2011 as it has ever been. The music lifestyle mall retailer ( is a natural fit as a presenter, because they demonstrate a passion for music in everything they do. Expect to see the bands from the tour making several special appearances at local Hot Topic locations throughout the tour. Also generously supporting the 2011 tour are Alternative Press, LifeStyles Condoms, Hopeless Records, Wind-up Records, Bridge Nine Records, Fueled By Ramen and Equal Vision Records.

Learn more about this years benefiting charity…

Sex, Etc.

Take Action 2011

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  • Ok why the fuck isn’t Tucson, AZ on here?

  • Truth says:

    WAKE UP! If you’re going to “take action”, it needs to be something TRULY important that will benefit EVERYONE. The TRUTH about INDUSTRIAL HEMP (industrial hemp is NOT marijuana) is the single most important issue the world needs to hear about right now, NOT sex. Every second we ignore, suppress, and deny the TRUTH of INDUSTRIAL HEMP, is another day the world and ALL humans most suffer. INDUSTRIAL HEMP is the ONLY resource, (and it’s a natural resource) that can SAFELY and EASILY, FEED, CLOTHE, and SHELTER the ENTIRE WORLD. ALL the BANDS and MUSICIANS NOT speaking out on this issue are a distraction and part of the problem. If the BANDS and HOT TOPIC truly want to be as edgy and helpful as they claim to be, then they need to SPEAK OUT for HEMP, otherwise, they are just wasting everyone’s time and energy and helping to destroy the EARTH. Sex Education a.k.a Sex Brain-washing is a way to cash in on teenage energy instead of giving them the TRUTH about HEMP that will save their future. This “Take Action” tour is a complete disappointment and so are the bands that won’t SPEAK OUT for HEMP TRUTH.

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe in your advocacy to help the youth to educate themselves about sex, and sex information. We should tolerate the youth promoting and learn the right thinking whenever sex is the topic. I hope your advocacy will come in a long run.Tracy Richardson,Car DonationWheels for Wishes

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  • Musicismy1stlove says:

    No STL date :(

  • Musicismy1stlove says:

    No STL date :(

  • Erika_l says:

    Québec (Canada)…..

  • wtf says:

    Fuuuuucking stupid. So glad I went to last years take action tour, it was so much better.

  • Mandrake says:

    Its severely disappointing there isn’t any wisconsin dates.

  • Ceckiz says:

    all the wrong support….

  • Thisismatt2010 says:

    u dont know what ur talking bout this line up is great

  • Thisismatt2010 says:

    Going May 28 Best Buy Theater

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